REST API and upload images


In some cases you must add images in Your REST API application for example when you want implement possibility to add photo to announcement, event etc. In this case reasonable solution is division endpoint to upload image.


We assumed to create separate endpoint to upload images. One solution is to use a base64, specification might look like this:

POST http://server/data/media
      "data": "..."

The response should return the ID of uploaded image to link with other entity.

201 Created
Location: http://server/data/media/21323
      "id": 21323

Implementation with Symfony

Below service to decode and save image.

class FileUploadService
    private $uploadDir;

    public function __construct($uploadDir)
        $this->uploadDir = $uploadDir;

    public function base64Decode($base64)
        return base64_decode($base64);

    public function upload($originalFileName, $image)
        $originalFilePath = sprintf('%s/%s', $this->uploadDir, $originalFileName);

        return file_put_contents($originalFilePath, $image) == false ? false : true;

And ImageController

class ImageController
    const IMAGE_TYPE = 'jpg';

    public function uploadAction(Request $request)

        $form = $this->createForm(FileType::class);

        $submittedData = json_decode($request->getContent(), true);

        if (!$form->isValid()) {
            return $this->error($this->getFormErrorsAsArray($form));

        /** @var File $file */
        $file = $form->getData();

        $fileName = sprintf('%s.%s', Uuid::uuid4()->toString(), self::IMAGE_TYPE);

        /** @var FileUploadService $fileUploadService */
        $fileUploadService = $this->get('');

        $imageFile = $fileUploadService->base64Decode($file->data);
        $fileUploadService->upload($fileName, $imageFile);

        $image = new Image();

        $em = $this->getDoctrine()->getManager();

        return $this->success($image, 'Image', Response::HTTP_CREATED, array('IMAGE_BASIC'));